" The Hands of God in the Heart of Africa"

There are three connecting parts to our  vision for this humanitarian aid project

that is sponsored through Hope Community Church, Hanover.

1. Involve the community in raising funds to provide long-term support for

the Village of Hope and Vimbainesu Children’s Home in Zimbabwe.

2. Send a Short term mission team to the Village of Hope on a yearly basis.

3. Promote the sponsorship of children in Zimbabwe through Child Care Plus.

Our Ministry

Mission Zimbabwe is more than just a mission trip team.  The team's ministries last more than the 2 weeks we are in Zimbabwe.  Not only does the team take in supplies for the orphanage as well as funds, they have financed various projects around the Village of Hope.  North of the Village there is another orphanage called Zvimba that after a short visit the team felt a calling to assist as well.  On top of that the team is committed to making sure that as many children of the village get sponsored as possible.  

One of the major challenges for the Village is getting the everyday supplies we take for granted.  To help out, the team takes what they can.  With help from the community the team takes over clothing, bedding, kitchen supplies, shoes, sporting equipment, etc.  Another major challenge is the constantly declining economy. To help the team brings in some of the money donated as cash for the village to function with.  With the rest of the donations the village is able to run the school, pay the workers, bless the people and build and expand the Village.  Not only did the team help build one of the school blocks on the first trip and the money raised funded the majority of the cornerstone CHAPS, the two-story school building.

Vimbainesu Children’s Home is another orphanage in Zimbabwe that the team visited on their first trip.  They had lost their funding before we had arrived and were just getting by as best they could.  They had no working washrooms or kitchen and had to cook over a fire they built in an old home they had torn the roof off of.  While driving to Zvimba we passed by some of the children who had been sent home from school because they had not been able to pay their fees and had been sent home.  After the visit the team to help however they could.  With the extra funds left over from the trip the team decided to ensure that all of the childrens school fees would be paid for the next year as well as funds for school supplies and basic food stuffs to.  Also, the team paid for a plumber to come out and repair the pump so they would have clean reliable water to drink.

A major part of the Village of Hope is the child sponsorship program by CCP.  This is how the school affords to have half children who can't pay tuition and half who can.  The team decided it should be their goal to get as many children sponsored as they could.  Since 2007, the team and its supporters have gotten sponsorships for over 100 children who now can enjoy an education and medical support as well as the basics needed to have a chance in life.

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