Mission Trip 2022

And so it begins …

Mission Zimbabwe (Hanover) has been partnering with Village of Hope (Harare) for 16 years, usually sending one team of volunteers per year.

Over that time strong relationships have formed!  

We have watched children grow up, get jobs, and get married.

We have seen the physical facilities grow and change.

We have seen Hope Community Church grow in amazing ways as they spread the love of God to their neighbors.

But for the past three years we have not seen this in person.

But today, this begins to change! Today a small team (Barry, Nicole and Audrey) started the very long journey to Zimbabwe. Our first step was surviving Toronto Pearson Airport - and based on recent news stories we were not looking forward to it. However, only 75 minutes after being dropped at the airport, we find ourselves relaxing in the departure lounge!  Check-in was smooth, all our bags were within the weight limit (whew!), and there was NO ONE in line ahead of us for the security check. We pray that the rest of the trip will go just as smoothly!

We don’t know what God has in store for us on this trip. Minimal planning time has left many of us feeling underprepared. Team bonding is still an ongoing process. Many things will be new or different at Village of Hope (VOH). And we still have about 20 hours of travel before we get there!  But we leave it in God’s hands and trust that everything will happen as he has planned.

We will try to send updates every day - Audrey will be doing most of the writing, with LOTS of proofreading provided by the other two. There will be the challenges of creativity, connectivity, and sheer exhaustion on some days. But we will do our best to connect with the many people back home who have supported us throughout this adventure. Please continue to keep us in your prayers in the days ahead.

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